‘Smashed Avocado’ to GoodThing Productions

‘Smashed Avocado’ to GoodThing Productions

GoodThing Productions, which produced Stan Grant’s Adam Goodes documentary The Australian Dream and Damon Gameau’s 2040, acquired film and TV rights to Haddow’s Smashed Avocado via Alex Adsett Publishing Services in a three-way auction.

Adsett said she is ‘thrilled’ the company ‘saw something special in Nicole and Smashed Avocado‘ to develop the book into a series ’empowering more Australians to achieve home ownership and seek innovative ways to reach their goals’.

Nero publisher Sophy Williams said, ‘Smashed Avocado will adapt brilliantly to the screen. Nicole has a perfect blend of authority and down-to-earth Aussie practicality, all with more than a dash of charm.’

Haddow will be involved in the project, which will adapt her book into short- and long-form content, for access across various network or streaming services.

GoodThing Productions producer Charlotte Wheaton said the company is ‘incredibly excited to be working with Nicole on adapting Smashed Avocado into a TV series, a home-grown product that resonates internationally and provides not only a roadmap to home ownership in the new world, but a framework for different generations to discuss it’.

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