A Town Called Alice

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A Town Called Alice

As people, our connection to Home or a Place defines us. For some people that’s where you are born, for others it’s a place you find.

It can be a connection to land, community, work, culture or a simple feeling of Peace. But for most of us the idea of home is where you feel you belong. At the heart of Australia’s vast country lies Alice Springs, a Home to 24,000 people, a place of vast beauty, extreme conditions and surprising diversity. What is it about Alice that captures the imagination of travellers from all over the world and what compels them to stay forever? Alice has a profound magnetism to many intending to pass through and instead finding it impossible to leave. To understand a place you must first understand its people, their connections, relationships and identities. You must see them laugh, play, dance and cry. In this series we explore the lives of different characters that represent this magical but challenging place. Weaving through each episode we uncover the connection they have to the town through their storytelling and shared histories. After all, everyone knows everyone in Alice.

A Town Called Alice is a gritty, funny, visceral and uplifting observation- al documentary series rooted in the lives of real people. This is the antidote to Reality Television. No fake set ups or tasks, no scripted scenarios or ceremonies. We know life is tough and we don’t sugar coat it. But equally life is full of joy and laughter and we capture that too. Nothing is more relevant to audiences right now than real people experiencing happiness, loss, success and love. Just like them. And this series will capture it all, with an amazingly diverse and charismatic cast of real people of all ages and backgrounds.

Co-Production with: Brindle Films

Development supported by: Screen Territory

Status: In Development