American Metal

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American Metal

Four astronauts in low orbit, engaged in a covert operation to destroy communications satellites during an undisclosed war with an unknown enemy, discover that the first casualty of war is the truth.

Lance Corporal Christian Partos is a USMC sniper, seconded to man mid- caliber artillery aboard the AG-907H, an orbiting station 240 kilometers above the surface of the Earth.

He is the lowest ranking among four crew; the CO, Flt. Lt. Malcolm Glenn, the 21C and Navigator, Cpt. Jules Grisham and the helmsman, Sgt Bill Swain.

Whilst engaged in a maneuver to neutralize an unmanned geostationary satellite, they receive enemy fire which disables their guidance systems and greatly compromises their oxygen and fuel supply. They seek out and dock with a derelict, scuttled sister ship, and salvage its fuel, oxygen and computer hardware, in order to jury rig repairs to their own ship.

But in the memory banks of the salvaged guidance systems, there lies a secret about the true nature of the war they are engaged in.

American Metal is a sci-fi thriller, a chase movie, and an allegorical requiem for the fall of a broken Empire.

Directed by: Matthew Saville

Written by: Matthew Saville

Produced by: Nick Batzias, Virginia Whitwell

Status: In Development