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In the teeming slums and muddy streets of a Columbian city, a poor 14-year-old boy, Ron Merendez, is roped into becoming an assassin when, after killing a police officer in an act of self-defence, he is left in desperate need of protection.

His drug-lord boss ratchets up the cost of continued benefaction to an unthinkable price when he orders Ron to kill his best friend or risk grave danger to himself and his mother. Forced by circumstance into moral paralysis. Ron clings to the sanctity of friendship as his only uncompromised ideal. CARTAGENA is a gripping tale of adolescent friendship, crime and conflicted loyalty.

Directed by: Justin Kurzel

Written by: Nam Le

Co-Production with: Causeway Films (The Babadook, Nightingale, Cargo)

Status: In Development

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