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The 10 drinks that shaped Australia.

The fiery burn of rebellion rum, a thirst-quenching gulp of ice-cold beer, the medicinal tang of restorative bitters… What did the drinks that shaped Australia originally taste like?

‘Break out the adjectives. A book about grog that’s not only an appealing, invigorating, exhilarating and heady brew, but a valuable and uniquely informative national history.’
— Robert Drewe

‘Max Allen sucks you into this book by promising lots of grog stories but what he does, the sly dog, is teach you about your country.’
— Bruce Pascoe

‘A history as potent as the devil’s own firewater, and writing as beautiful as that final drop of Grange Hermitage. Pour a few chapters out for yourself.’
— Josh Birmingham


Written by: Max Allen

Produced by: Nick Batzias, Virginia Whitwell, Charlotte Wheaton, Rhian Skirving

Status: In Development