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Raised in her father Jonathon’s insular art world, Grace (30s) has become a strange and cloistered woman, consumed by her job at her father’s gallery and  their oddly intimate relationship. When Jonathon decides to open a disused wing of the gallery to host a resident artist, Grace is shocked by his odd choice of Kate, a chaotic outsider from the wrong side of the tracks. Disturbed by Kate’s interest in her and Jonathon’s increasingly secretive behaviour, Grace’s ordered facade starts to crumble and she is plagued by visions of a nightmarish clay world. As fantasy and reality collide Grace is forced to reckon with the monstrous truth of her own identity and the mysterious presence that haunts the gallery.

Directed by: Isabel Peppard

Written by: Isabel Peppard

Produced by: Nick Batzias, Virginia Whitwell

Status: In Development

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