Much Ado About Noble Park

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Much Ado About Noble Park

Immigration is one of the most potent issues in Australia today. Newspaper headlines scream of ghettos and gangs threatening our ‘Aussie’ way of life.

The media whip up fear and even our politicians claim Australia has an ‘immigration problem’. So what is the reality on the ground? MUCH ADO will go beyond the debate to look at real people and real lives.  In one of the most multicultural neighbourhoods in the country we will reveal what happens when a hostile and divided community is forced to face itself, through Art.

In the multicultural suburb of Noble Park over 60% of the population were born overseas and 7% of the community arrived in Australia in just the last 2.5 years. The traditionally white, blue collar families are pushing back against the influx of new arrivals. The community and its high school are divided by race, culture and language. So what happens when you throw Shakespeare in the mix? Working with an expert in the field of both theatre and social cohesion, we will embed ourselves in a Year 10 English class with just one semester to stage a theatre production of a Shakespearean play.

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