The Sugars

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The Sugars

One third of America has diabetes or pre-diabetes. An increasing number of children have fallen victim to this preventable, life-threatening disease.

The poor are the most vulnerable and keeping them sick is making companies rich. Politics and profit are driving the disease. This documentary follows the lives of a group of musically talented but sickly teens from the ‘food deserts’ of America in an emotional journey to transform their health. The spread of misinformation and manipulative ‘obesogenic’ landscapes and advertising have combined to make them overweight, diabetic and financially dependent. It has taken the lives of their loved ones.

Cutting-edge scientific research will help them break out of this deadly cycle. With the support of famous diabetic musicians and street artists the teens reclaim their health and their environment as they stand up against the food, pharmaceutical and health industries profiting from the epidemic. Weaving across the United States the different styles of music and cultural influences make for a unique collaboration of knowledge and art. And finally the journey takes the kids to Africa and India, the next frontier of sugar addiction and some inspired new beats.

Original idea: Claire Smith

Co-producing with: Claire Smith

Status: In Development