Wave Hill

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Wave Hill

From little things,
big things grow.

Wave Hill tells the story of the famous ‘walk off’ by the Gurindji people of the Northern Territory, led by elder Vincent Lingiari in 1966, a precursor to the Aboriginal land and civil rights movement.

In 1966, famous author and disillusioned communist Frank Hardy arrives in Darwin lost as a writer and as a man. Frank is recruited to help an illiterate Aboriginal tribe, the Gurindji, who have walked off Wave Hill cattle station in the middle of Outback Australia, leaving two generations of terrible exploitation and servitude behind them. The station is located on land stolen from the Gurindji in the 1880s, and is owned by Lord Samuel Vestey, one of the richest men in the world. Now Gurindji elder Vincent Lingiari wants their country back – without it their traditional culture, inseparable from this land, will die.

With a ragtag group of friends Frank develops strategies to help Vincent in his quest for justice. They must overcome the combined might of Vestey and the Australian government, who both see the Gurindji struggle as a communist conspiracy and have much to lose, so they thwart their every move. Frank must orchestrate the downfall of their adversaries and the upswing of their allies in order for the Gurindji to prevail. A wonderful, unlikely friendship develops between Frank and Vincent across their tireless nine-year struggle. Vincent regains his birthright and the dignity of his people; and Frank finds redemption as a writer, as a political activist and as a man. Together they change the course of Indigenous land rights in Australia forever.

Directed by: Paul Williams

Written by: Ryan Griffen

ANZ Distribution: Madman Entertainment

Status: In Development

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